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Offering Quality New & Used Equipment

DMBS is a leading source of used process equipment for the chemical, coatings, ink, paint and all related industries. Our inventory combined with equipment expertise can significantly reduce your capital expenditure. Our inventory offers everything from dispersers, ribbon blenders, tanks, mixers to material handling and lab equipment. Process equipment is available on an “as is” basis or the equipment can be completely refurbished. Rely on the knowledge and experience of DMBS for all of your equipment needs including sales, service, repair, consultation, installation, removal, rigging and trucking.

We carry quality equipment from many manufacturers such as:  Baker-Perkins, CB Mills, Donaldson-Torit, Dustex, Hockmeyer, J.H. Day, Jaygo, Kent, Lightnin, Lehmann, Mateer-Burt, Mooney, Morehouse-Cowles, Myers, Patterson, Schold, Stricklin and many other manufacturers in related fields.

If new process equipment is what your project needs, we are an agent/ representative for new equipment and parts in the ink, paint and related coatings industries.

Is your facility selling used process equipment? We can help you there as well. We also specialize in ink, paint and related coatings equipment facility liquidations.



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