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6322 Midvale Street
Houston, Texas 77087

Phone: (713) 847-7775
Fax: (713) 847-9994


About Us

At DMBS we are dedicated to our motto, ďBIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU AND SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU!Ē With DMBS having over 30 years of experience in the process equipment industry, we can deliver a great array of your equipment needs. You will receive extensive hands on experience and a level of personal service that will keep you coming back.

DMBS buys, sells, installs and services quality new and used process equipment. Our equipment is centrally located at facilities in Dallas and Houston, Texas.

Owner, Mark Nawrot, ran one of the largest specialty equipment companies in the world for almost a quarter of a century before starting DMBS.

If itís broken, we can fix it. If itís needed and we donít have it, we can find it. If you want it, we can remove it, ship it, and install it. Getting to know DMBS might be one of the best business decisions you make.



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